MA+KE lab: sustainable luxury

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MA+KE lab: sustainable luxury

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Medium: graphic
Material: Giclée print, Hahnemühle PhotoRag
Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
Framed: yes (black wooden frame)
Connected to NFT: no
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The Eternal Garden series focuses on different spaces that offer alternatives or parallels to physical reality. Artworks are titled with locations and geographical cordinates that allow viewers to see parallels between different aspects of reality.

Eternal Garden patterns encapsulate all the unusual and wonderful plants, scarce or extinct in the wild. This sanctuary unfolds as a dreamy view from the ground to the sky. From ground-habiting flora to lush blooms growing into the sky. It is an opportunity to appreciate and marvel at miraculous plants that have  grown and still dwell on our planet.

The exhibition lets the viewer experience a different reality, where the world has changed, no rush of people and machines, just the ever-flowing garden. These patterns create a continuation of the physical world into these other possibilities of life.

Artistic trio MA+KE Lab seeks to tell the story of lost and forgotten moments in interdisciplinary format as wallpapers, textile, and sculptural furniture.

Frist Edition Print of 33 prints in total.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 cm


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